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Potential for briefly choppy 3 ft seas near South Coast. attributive, in combination Living or used in or on the sea; of, near, or like the sea. Sea man, sea gauge, sea monster, sea horse, sea level, sea worthy, sea port, sea board, etc.
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We went swimming in the sea. The sea was calm / smooth / choppy / rough when we crossed the Channel. The refugees were at sea in a boat on the sea a long way from land for 40 days before reaching land.
What's' the difference between an ocean and a sea?
Here, you can see that the Bering Sea is part of the Pacific Ocean. Many people use the terms ocean" and sea" interchangeably when speaking about the ocean, but there is a difference between the two terms when speaking of geography the study of the Earth's' surface.
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Learn More about sea. Post the Definition of sea to Facebook Share the Definition of sea on Twitter Time Traveler for sea. The first known use of sea was before the 12th century. See more words from the same century.
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Entities called seas" which are not divisions of the World Ocean are not included in this list. Salt lakes with Sea" in the name: Aral Sea, Dead Sea, Salton Sea. Freshwater lakes with Sea" in the name: Sea of Galilee.
Sea Wikipedia.
The word sea is also used to denote second-order sections of the sea, such as the Mediterranean Sea, as well as certain large, entirely landlocked, saltwater lakes, such as the Caspian Sea. The sea moderates Earth's' climate and has important roles in the water cycle, carbon cycle, and nitrogen cycle.

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