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A leader in the training of professionals in the human service, behavioral health and judicial sectors, we provide a broad spectrum of trainings to more than 15000, individuals annually throughout New York City and nation-wide. Our Training Institute provides interactive, hands-on training and continuing education credits for professionals on a wide-range of topics, including housing and homelessness, behavioral health, case management, clinical and evidence-based practices.
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Find and register for upcoming and online training, and view materials from previously held trainings. View trainings I've' completed. View trainings I've' enrolled in. Self-Paced Online Trainings. Watch self-paced online training, training videos, and webinar recordings anytime. PHA Procurement Training.
grammatical number What is the correct plural of training? English Language Usage Stack Exchange.
English isn't' my mother tongue, and when we recently talked to a native speaker during some company audit, he pointed out that the plural word trainings" is actually wrong he pointed that it is a very common mistake and was almost amused by it.
Training Definition of Training by Merriam-Webster.
a process by which someone is taught the skills that are needed for an art, profession, or job.: the process by which an athlete prepares for competition by exercising, practicing, etc. See the full definition for training in the English Language Learners Dictionary. training tr-ni Kids Definition of training.
training Wiktionary.
computing The process by which two modems determine which protocol and speed to use; handshaking. voice recognition The recording of multiple samples of a user s voice to aid pattern recognition. Usage notes edit. The plural trainings, for more than one training session, is not often used.
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This also allows the trainees an opportunity to experience and study events that would otherwise be rare on the job, e.g, in-flight emergencies, system failure, etc, wherein the trainer can run scenarios and study how the trainee reacts, thus assisting in improving his/her skills if the event was to occur in the real world.

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